†††††††† Sapientia consulting is for over 20 years active on the Dutch CRM service market. As from April 2010 Sapientia Consulting has became a designated partner for the implementation of CRM nearsource projects for SME, through the exclusive joint venture agreements, that have been made with selected partners. Sapientia Consulting is specialized in CRM nearsourcing to Transylvania.


†††††††† The mission of Sapientia consulting is to create value for itís  customers, through its unique CRM service offering. Sapientia Consulting enables  to save permanent cost saving on CRM implementations, starting from development till support. This is achieved by carefully blending the unique Dutch CRM implementation knowledge of Sapientia Consulting with the cost advantages of nearsourcing. Sapientia Consulting can maintain its independence and objectivity, because it is not bound to a specific CRM supplier or a certain Nearsource provider.


†††††††† You can read more about Customer Relationship Management if you click on the CRM menu item. Nearsourcing is the possibility for SME to structurally cut down on expenses, without jeopardizing quality more information about this can be found on the nearsourcing menu.  The service portfolio of Sapientia Consulting consists of project work, the virtual consultant and managed services for your enterprise.

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